What Jewelry to Wear with Royal Blue Dress

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Do you have a royal blue dress in your closet and want to know how to accessorize it? If so, this blog post is for you! We’ll cover what jewelry looks good with a royal blue dress, the best shoes that go well with them, and some other tips on how to accessorize. You’ll be sure to find something here that will work for you!

Wear a necklace with an oblong pendant

There are a lot of great options here, but one that stands out is the oblong pendant. It will help to elongate your neck and look good with the color combination you have going on! Try an asymmetrical necklace or a statement piece if you want something more bold.

Pair a long, dangly earring with your dress

A pair of chandelier style earrings could also work well for this type of outfit! They tend to be less flashy than other styles while still making quite the impact in terms how they highlight your face. You’ll definitely get noticed when wearing these beauties. Wear studs if you prefer minimal jewelry pieces over big ones like these chandeliers! Choose shoes without laces or that have ankle straps.

Add some sparkle to your look by wearing a bracelet

If your outfit is on the simpler side, you can definitely add some sparkle with a bracelet! There are so many different styles to choose from that it will be easy for you to find one that works well and makes the statement you want. Try an arm party if you’re looking for something more bold than just wearing one piece of jewelry. Or, wear dainty bracelets like these ones if simple pieces suit your style better! Also try ankle strap shoes or sandals as they look great with royal blue dress .

For those who prefer minimal jewelry over big statement pieces, we suggest going with either studs or smaller cuffs. These earrings are simple, classic styles that will look great with your royal blue dress without stealing the spotlight!

When wearing a pair of shoes without laces or with ankle straps, wear bracelets on both wrists to show off more than just one type of bracelet at once! This is a simple method to jazz up your appearance while maintaining it classy and elegant. Choose something dainty for this style so you don’t overpower your look too much. If you want even bolder accessories, try statement necklaces like chandelier earrings instead!


If you want to wear jewelry with your royal blue dress, consider these tips while shopping! There are so many different types of jewelry with which you can accessorize your outfit, it’s just a matter of choosing the right ones that look good and go well together.

Wear earrings without dangling parts such as studs or cuff-style earrings for those who prefer minimal accessories over big statement pieces. These styles will look great with your royal blue dress without stealing the spotlight!

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