What is Artisan Jewelry?

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Artisanal jewelry is artisan-made, meaning it’s created by hand. It can be made from a variety of materials including metal (e.g., silver), glass beads, semiprecious stones like turquoise and agate, bone or shell, feathers, leather cord or hemp twine. This artisan jewelry may also incorporate precious metals in the form of gold vermeil (gold plated over sterling silver) or even diamonds!

Types of artisan jewelry

There are many different forms of artisan jewelry.

  • artisan made bridal jewelry
  • handmade artisan bracelets
  • handcrafted artisan necklaces
  • artisan earrings
  • artisan rings

Artisan jewelry also comes in many styles, including steampunk and rockabilly. The designs can be modern or classic; studs, spikes, tassels and other adornments are common on these pieces of artisan jewelry. Even men’s artisan leather bracelets (turquoise or bead) are trendy now!

Tips for choosing the best type of artisan bracelet include matching it with your style preference as well as considering what occasion you need to accessorize. A casual outing might call for an artfully designed hemp necklace while a cocktail party would lend itself to black glass earrings embellished with glittering stones like quartz crystal or topaz.

Choose your own design of fine jewelry

Although artisan jewelry is more expensive than other types of accessories, it’s a worthy investment because the materials are high quality and the artisan making them takes pride in their workmanship. There’s also something wonderful about owning one-of-a-kind artisan crafted pieces!

Choose your artisan bracelet to match not only your style preference but what occasion you need to accessorize as well. A casual outing might call for an artfully designed hemp necklace while a cocktail party would lend itself to black glass earrings embellished with glittering stones like quartz crystal or topaz.

How to care for your artisan jewelry 

Your artisan bracelet will need to be stored properly so it doesn’t get scratched, dented or otherwise damaged. Don’t leave your artisan jewelry in humid conditions like the bathroom! If you do accidentally expose your artisan accessories to moisture, dry them off so they don’t rust.

To ensure your artisan jewelry stays in good condition for years to come, be sure to avoid contact with chemicals like perfumes and hair sprays. Also don’t wear them while you’re doing strenuous activities because that could cause breakage or bending. And always remove artisan bracelets before working out at the gym!

Tips for buying and wearing artisan jewelry

Choose where you buy artisan jewelry carefully because not all retailers are reputable and may sell fake artisan pieces that look real but aren’t worth much at all (buying through an online marketplace can help protect against this).

A trusted retailer provides a certificate of authenticity with each piece of artisan jewelry; if there is no certification included then proceed cautiously as the artisan who made it could easily have created something similar themselves using common materials for less money than what they would charge.

Whether you’re looking for artisan earrings, artisan bracelets or artisan necklaces, your best bet is a reputable retailer that specializes in handmade pieces. Artisan jewelers are often found at craft shows and local fairs but may also be operating on-line through their own website or Etsy stores.

When buying artisan accessories online make sure you have an easy return policy if there’s any doubt about authenticity; this way you can get your money back without having to pay someone else’s high shipping costs! Most of all enjoy shopping because artisan jewelry really does feel special when worn.


The artisan jewelry can be crafted from a variety of materials. Some are made with semiprecious stones, leather cord or feathers while artisan rings are made using precious metals like gold vermeil or diamonds!

Artisanal bridal jewelry is often handcrafted and special attention is paid to the small details in order to ensure that when you wear them for your wedding day they’re something you’ll treasure forever. Similarly artisan bracelets may have beads sewn on by hand rather than being glued together which means that each artisan bracelet will feel slightly different depending on how it was created! Finally artisan necklaces are typically an ideal way to add extra sparkle without overwhelming other accessories since their designs tend to be more understated.

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