How to Make Native American Jewelry

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The native american jewelry making process is a long and involved one. It takes time, patience, and skill to make native american jewelry. There are many different types of native american jewelry, so we will focus on the most popular: beaded necklaces. Making a beaded necklace can seem like an intimidating task at first glance and it does require some knowledge about native american culture in order to get the pattern right. In this article, I am going to break down how you can make your very own beaded necklace!

Materials needed

The first step in making native american jewelry is always gathering your materials. Once you have all of the supplies that you need it’s time to start thinking about the design of your necklace and what type of beads and patterns will be best suited for this piece.

You can use a variety of different types of beads including glass, wood, stone etc., but we’re going to focus on using bone today since they are one of the more popular choices when making native american necklaces like these ones here . Your native ancestors would sometimes decorate their with animal bones such as bird bones or the bones of other creatures native to their tribe.

Useful tip: You can use any type of bead for your native american jewelry, but keep in mind that some beads are more difficult than others and may require special tools such as a drill bit so you don’t end up cracking them while trying to string them on your necklace.

It always helps if you have someone with experience making native american necklaces help guide you through this process at least once in case there is anything they see that might be problematic when it comes time to actually start making your design!

Tools needed

Once you’ve settled on which types of beads will suit your project best , make sure that all required equipment is within reach since it’s easy to forget details like that when you’re working on something like native american jewelry. You’ll need a knife or other sharp object to cut the string/wire (sinew) and scissors for cutting any excess thread, wire etc., that might be left over after finishing your native american necklace design.

Techniques used

Step one: Cut the sinew into approximately six-inch pieces; it’s easier to work with shorter strings since they are less likely to tangle up while you are trying to make native american jewelry.

Step two: Tie an end of each strand tightly around your chosen bead so that there is no space between them once strung together. If you used beads without holes in the center then tie both ends of this piece onto another bead which will act as a stopper. If you are using native american beads with holes, then tie the first piece directly onto your native american jewelry design so that there is no space between each bead.

Useful tip: Keep in mind how long your native american necklace will be when deciding what size thread/wire to use! This way you won’t end up running out of string before finishing your native american jewelery project.

Step three: Once all of the pieces have been strung together and tied tightly around a holding bead if necessary , it’s time for step two which involves cutting additional sinew into smaller strands (about an inch or less) depending on preference . You can decide approximately how many individual strings you want that go into making native american jewelry, but be careful not to go overboard or you’ll end up spending more time trying to cut them all than actually making native american necklaces!

Step four: Tie each piece of string tightly around the rest of your native necklace design. This is an important step since it ensures that there are no spaces between beads and also gives it a nice finished look once complete . You can use as many strings as desired depending on what type of native jewelery you’re creating. However, too many will make native american necklaces tricky to work with so try using less if possible until you get used to how long they need to be for different designs.

Once both ends have been tied together securely , trim off any excess string so that native american necklaces are uniform. If you have native american beads with holes, then tie them onto the native american necklace design at this point.

And there you have it! A finished native american jewelry piece using bone for your next project or maybe even something more modern like these beaded bracelets!

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