Beehive Kitchenware Co.

Beehive Kitchenware Company is releasing a new pewter line for babies and children all over the world, adding well-made matching tiny cup and spoon sets to its existing series. This lovely collection is a must-have for anybody wanting to make an effortlessly traditional statement with a modern twist.

The matching kitchen sets feature bright, fun artwork that captures the purity of childhood without sacrificing usefulness or cost. The bunnies, chickens, ducks, and pigs were designed using vintage children’s books as inspiration and are handcrafted with hand soldered applique animal motifs.

Both sides of the harmonizing baby spoons are decorated with similar animal motifs. Beehive Kitchenware Co.’s cup and spoon collection is the most distinctive addition to any kid’s possessions, whether purchased for your own child, as a shower present, or as a lovely birthday token.

Sandra Bonazoli and Jim Dowd founded Beehive Kitchenware Co. in 1998, and it has been producing handcrafted, lead-free kitchenware since then. Each item is made of high-quality pewter from the United States and is decoratively engraved with pleasant designs that bring fun and usefulness to any house.